Book Chapters

Novak, Alison and Janet Johnson. (Lexington Books, 2013). “The Female Email: Examining the Leadership and Rhetoric of Female Representations of the 2012 Obama Campaign.” Political Women: Language and Leadership. Eds. Michele Lockhart and Kathleen Mollick.

Journal Articles

Published in The Journal of Contemporary Rhetoric:

Twitter Bites and Romney: Examining the Rhetorical Situation of the 2012 Presidential Election in 140 Characters 


Johnson, J. (2013). Twitter. In Kerric Harvey (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. Los Angeles: Sage.

Text Book Entries

Johnson, J. (2013). Twitter and Politics. In Shelley D. Lane, Ruth Anna Abigail, and John Gooch (Authors) Communication in a Civil Society. Pearson.


Blogs and Dialogism in the 2008 United States Presidential Campaign


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